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Steven Harper May 17, 2023
Justice for Marshal & Millions

Dear Community Members,

It is with deep sorrow and concern that we address a distressing incident that unfolded recently, involving the fatal shooting of two innocent dogs, Marshal and Millions, by British police officers. We stand together in seeking justice for these beloved pets and express our heartfelt condolences to their grieving families.

The incident has left our community shaken and questioning the circumstances surrounding the use of lethal force against animals. We firmly believe that every life, human or animal, deserves respect and protection, and that the unnecessary loss of innocent lives is a tragedy that should be thoroughly investigated.

In light of this tragic incident, we call upon the appropriate authorities to conduct a transparent and impartial investigation, ensuring that all facts surrounding the incident are thoroughly examined. It is imperative that this investigation be carried out with the utmost diligence and integrity, allowing for the truth to be unveiled and justice to be served.

We also urge the authorities to reassess the training methods and protocols in place for police officers when encountering animals. Enhanced education and training regarding animal behaviour, de-escalation techniques, and non-lethal force alternatives can help prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

By promoting a greater understanding of animal welfare and emphasizing the importance of compassion, we can work towards a more humane approach in handling such situations. As a united community, we encourage everyone to express their concerns peacefully and constructively.

Let us channel our collective voice into raising awareness about animal rights, advocating for stricter protocols, and supporting organizations that work tirelessly to protect our furry companions. Together, we can bring about positive change and prevent further loss of innocent lives.

We extend our support to the families of Marshal and Millions during this devastating time.

We understand the pain and grief they are enduring and pledge to stand beside them in their pursuit of justice. Additionally, we encourage anyone with relevant information or evidence to come forward and assist in the investigation, as your contributions may be pivotal in ensuring a fair and just outcome. May we honor the memory of Marshal and Millions by working towards a society that values and protects the lives of all beings, fostering compassion, understanding, and justice.