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422 Stockport Road, Longsight, Manchester M12 4EX


53.459110, -2.203200

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Currently what we can do is limited as we lack our own building.

We are in the process of negotiating a Community Asset Transfer with Manchester City Council in order to reopen 422 Stockport Road (formerly known as the Longsight Youth Centre) for the benefit of local people who need support, training and a place to belong.

422 Manchester has stood empty since 2011. This grand Victorian building is on the busy A6, with a bus stop right outside the front doors. Around 80,000 residents in the local area are able to get to it by foot or bus within 15 minutes, making it highly accessible.

You can watch our latest update here.

This is not about having a home for us as a church, it’s about creating a living room for the city. Through the restoration of this building we hope to work towards reversing the detrimental effects of child poverty and help a hurting community flourish.

As a church, we sought to take a massive step of faith and raise around £150,000 towards taking on a building such as this. So far, as a church family, we have given a staggering £212,000.

422 Manchester – Vision 2019 from Manchester Vineyard on Vimeo.



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