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No.1 The Crescent Solstice Park Amesbury SP4 7QA


51.173780, -1.775090


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Award-winning pet insurance

  • Free 24/7 vet video consultations for dogs and cats
  • Over 20 years experience as pet insurance experts
  • Every policy you buy helps us support animal charities
  • Your vet can claim online on your behalf.

Free vet video consults for your dog or cat 24/7/365 through the Joii app

As an Animal Friends customer, you have access to:

  • Free video consults with a vet or nurse on your phone or tablet
  • A tailored symptom checker to find out what the problem is and what to do next
  • Get treatment plans and products delivered to your door

Every policy you buy helps us support animal charities

So far, our policyholders have helped donate over £5.6 million to over 400 charities worldwide. We were founded with the sole aim of providing pet insurance as a means to help support animal welfare charities.

Find out how more about our latest partnership with the Thin Blue Paw Foundation and how we’re working to support UK animal welfare charities this Christmas.

See our charity work 


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