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47 Buxton Rd, Whaley Bridge, Cheshire, SK23 7HX


53.32625, -1.98484

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Why choose us?

PJM Engineers provide the highest quality car service and repair at the best price in the area.

We are a family-run garage that pride ourselves in offering affordable maintenance and servicing solutions along with professional workmanship.

Our technicians and engineers are trained in the latest automotive technology and can work with all makes and model, including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ford etc.
With PJM Engineers, your car is in the best possible hands.

Based in Whaley Bridge on Buxton Road, just off the A6, we cater to all kinds of car service including major car service, interim car service, MOT service, full care service and more. Our in-house experts provide you with honest and accurate advice, and our prices are revealed before we start the work, so you don’t have to pay extra for anything.

PJM Engineers aims to keep you safely on the road!

Our Mechanics offer range of services includes

  • full car service and maintenance
  • interim car service
  • major car service
  • auto electrical
  • MOT
  • tyres
  • air conditioning service
  • repairs
  • wheel alignment
  • steering
  • suspension
  • clutches
  • brakes
  • engine management

PJM Engineers provide and deliver the highest level of safety and reliability to maintain the lifespan of your car. We understand your concern and employ the best technique, authentic replacement parts, and high-quality materials for every service, with no hidden costs and excellent communication.

This is why our car repair and service is the best in the area!

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